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Subdue the world together with CATS!
        CATS – the unique Modelling Agency not only in St.-Petersburg, but also in all Russia which already is a lot of years professionally co-operates with the international modelling agencies all over the world, opening for the best models boundless possibilities of self-realisation and career growth.
        As of today, CATS maintains strong partner relations with modelling agencies of Europe, the USA and South East Asia (Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong). Some times in a year CATS will organise a casting in St.-Petersburg and other big cities of Russia then the brightest pretenders depart in the most interesting travel on highest couture waves, opening for itself the new countries, working on displays of the loudest designers and fashion designers, acting in film for covers of the most popular glossy journals.
        Single work of the girl «under the concrete project» or long-term cooperation with foreign modelling agency is executed or contractually, or «for the guarantor». Both variants are absolutely safe and extended in world Fashion – the industries. Game rules, in this case, depend on level of professional competence of model and prominent features of accepting agency.
        By and large, any girl at the age from 14 years, having in the parametres 90-60-90 (it is obligatory!) And special preparation can try the forces in a casting for work as abroad.
        Modelling Agency CATS unconditionally bears responsibility for each of the models who are working abroad. We co-operate only with the checked up agencies guaranteeing safety of our models and girls ensuring comfortable pastime by abroad. Before the girl leaves Russia, with it a number of the conversations devoted stories and specific features of the given country – in order to avoid possible excesses and incidents is conducted. Besides, to each model departing abroad, the personal manager of agency CATS ready at any time to come to the rescue to the girl is attached, having answered any arising questions and having settled possible problems, both in Russia, and in model host country. The similar approach to the international cooperation does stay of the girl in another's country more comfortable and pleasant.
The great value in a preparatory stage is given to conversations about discipline as for unseemly, incorrect and disrespectful behaviour in host country the girl can be discharged of work and sent home. In a similar case the girl does not receive the fee and the loss of reputation of agency on international scene causes the behaviour.
 Our stars:
 Deshchekina Xenia has left school of models CATS in 1998г. Worked from 15 years in Tokyo, Osaka, Milan, Hamburg, Paris, London, now lives and works in Los-Anzhelese. Didenko Anna has left school of models CATS in 2002, has begun career in 15 years, worked in Tokyo, Osaka, Milan, Munich, Hamburg, Paris, London, now and agency  Merlin
Didenko Anna has left school of models CATS in 2002, has begun career in 15 years, worked in Tokyo, Osaka, Milan, Munich, Hamburg, Paris, London, now and agency STORM London.
Kuznetsova Anastas has left school of models CATS in 2005г, has begun career in 15 years, worked in Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Paris, New York, now to be in agency NEXT
Majrova Maria works in agency more than 8 years, a star of the Russian advertising: the Miracle yoghurt, juice of Sokos, videoclips and is much other, works contractually in APPLE (Bangkok).
Pavlova Veronica a rising star, has left school of models CATS in the winter 2007г. Now works and  WM Bangkok
Tsvetkova Elena   works in agency more than 5 years, has titles "Ms. Siberia", "Ms. Volga" now has the contract with agency METROPOLITAN (Paris).
Hlist Anastaya the young model, has left school of models in 2007 has received the contract with agency FMI.
Ishchenko Julia works in agency about one year, has received the contract with large Japanese  agency BRAVO, has good further offers.
Fomicheva Nataliawork in agency about 3 years, has received the contract with large China agency "Style", has good further offers.
Tarabria Alina- now she is working in Bangkok
Kristina Koroleva - young model now she is working in Axelle Tokio.
Vinogradova Alena - young model now she is working in  Cosmopolitan -  Osaka,than in  Cinq Deux On -  Tokio.
Natalia comments:
 How you think, why people in the majority are sceptical about modelling business? There are the certain stamps connected with an instinct of self-preservation, after all it is possible to go abroad and not to return … such some kind of phobias.
    And here it is possible to express huge gratitude to mass media which very much love the hot facts, scandalous news, «strawberry», therefore give to the spectator the unchecked information of doubtful sense. When girls leave to earn on purpose abroad many money, perfectly understanding that free cheese happens only in a mousetrap, and accordingly and, realising, than they there should attend, it has no relation to modelling business. Presently any sane person realises that if the girl goes abroad that at it, absolutely precisely, the working visa (we accurately understand where it goes also who an inviting party) is opened. And if the girl leaves with any doubtful person under the tourist permit to Egypt, Turkey or Tunis, thus to it is oath promise that there it will work as model, becomes "star" it is a question of exclusively mental abilities of model. At least, it is strange to assume that modelling business in Tunis, is developed so well that the African modelling agencies have possibility to co-operate with foreign representations. It is natural that those people who use trustfulness of girls from regions, promise them the big and star future in these countries. Now any trip abroad is checked by three calls by phone.

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